This seminar is design to better understand how sound plays such an important roll in creating impact at crucial points within the productions. Most often this part of the production is left to the serious engineer only. You get one chance to get it right. You will see how to capture live sound as it is going down and then how it gets matched to the film for a final mix.


Digital control and creativity



Prerequisite: Recording Techniques #1

WK 1. General operations, overview and work flow. Equipment typical of on location ENG for video. Film sound equipment. EFP

WK 2. Recording live sound. Providing what is needed for final mixes. Tips and tricks. Understanding Microphones and placements.

WK 3. Synchronization, layback to picture. Layering. Foley, Sound effects, Music hits.

WK 4. Mixes for film. Mixes for video. Why they are different. Sweetening. Dolby 5.1. Surround sound.


Michigan Recording Arts Institute and Technologies
28533 Greenfield, Southfield, MI 48076