This is a seminar on digital mastering with Sound Forge and Wave Lab. Students learn the tools and processes of Digital Mastering and Editing. Normalize, Eq, Fade / in & out, Volume, Stereo Expand, Reverse, Pitch, Cut, Paste, Dynamics, Noise Gate, Magneto, Reverse, Smooth & Enhance.


Make recordings sound punchier.  

Prerequisite: Recording Techniques #1

WK 1. Understand the software, recording to the computer, bit rate conversions, what people bring you.

WK 2. Record Stereo Master to computer working with tools. Normalize, Eq, Noise Gate, Dynamics, Reverb

WK 3. Cut & paste, Magneto, Flange, Smooth & Enhance, Invert/Flip, Stereo Expand, Resample Delay & Echo, Fade in / out.

WK 4. Arranging songs for final cd master, burning CDr for replication, Red book standards.



Michigan Recording Arts Institute and Technologies
28533 Greenfield, Southfield, MI 48076