Per traditional vocational education guidelines, final grades for courses include “A” (excellent or professional performance), “B” (good performance), “C” (acceptable performance), “D” (below acceptable performance)  and “F” (unacceptable performance). In addition, a student may receive an “I” (incomplete on assignments/attendance) When students receive an “I” grade, assignments must be com­pleted during makeup or re-entry in a reasonable length of time or the recorded grade will be changed to an “F” grade. Grades earned during a re-entered course replace the original course grades. Students may get a progress report at any time by scheduling an administra­tive or instructor conference.

Practical, hands-on assignment averages are weighted to be approxi­mately 40-50% of the course grade. Final theory examinations are weighted to be approxi­mately 35-45% of the course grade. Lowest passing grades on theory assignments and exams vary between 70-75% Hands-on assignments are graded against “performance objectives” supplied to the students.

Program & Course Certification

Students who complete all course requirements with a passing average will receive a certificate.

Graduates who are members of or work with bands are offered free multi-track recording sessions during class projects providing they meet course requirements and schedules. Musicians/bands/groups must agree to allow students to use sample mixes, allow the school to retain a copy of the recording for student use, certify they have a right to record the material with copyrights, purchase recording materials if they desire to keep the production and leave recordings with the school until the class is completed. The school cannot guarantee servicing of all graduate-requests. Students may also purchase recording time at discounted prices at K&R.


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