Entrance Requirements & Enrollments

Students must have a good previous scholastic history or the student passes a basic audio examination for the classes requested.

Students with low scores on the scholastic level may be accepted, at the discretion of the administrator. Applicants must agree to provisions of “Student Conduct and Probation” and “Financial Policy” in this catalog as a condition of acceptance.

Students applying for entrance to a program under 18 years of age will be admitted at the administrator’s discretion with written permission from a parent or guardian. The school reserves the right to evaluate previous training against course objectives and require a placement exam. Enrollments will be accepted at any time until enrollment closes for a class 1 day before the beginning of the class or when the class is full, whichever occurs first. The school reserves the right to cancel or postpone a class because of low enrollment or if other circumstances require it.

Class Transfer or Re-Entrance

Students may transfer enrollment fee to a different class one time if they apply and are accepted 14 days prior to the start of the class they are transferring to. A transfer application is required.

Any student who starts a course and fails to complete it, receives a non-passing grade, or who is dissatisfied with the results, may be re-enrolled one time upon meeting the financial re­quirements of the first course (full payment of fees) and a payment of 75% tuition for the re­entered course. Students who fail to complete the course or program for medical reasons, death in the immediate family or schedule problems because of related employment, may re-enroll without payment of additional fees. Proof required.

Students re-enrolling may attend all scheduled classes or those determined by the school as necessary because of grades or attendance in the original course. Re-enrolled students must meet the attendance requirements of the new class regardless of attendance on prior course. Grades earned on the re-entered course replace grades given on the original course in school records. Graduates of any course who wish to re-enroll for review or updating may do so at half tuition price.

Prior Knowledge & In-Field Credit

M. R. A. I. T. will grant credit for a program requisite when the student can demonstrate, through testing and evaluation or verified reports of experience, a prior knowledge or skill ability because of prior equivalent training and/or experience. The school will charge a fee equal to 33% tuition for testing and evaluating of the skills necessary to bypass requisite classes in that program.

Students sometimes achieve audio or video job placement and success in the field before completing all of the required program campus attendance and assignments. When this participation in field ac­tivities inhibits the student from completing a program, M. R. A. I. T. may award class hour credit for field activities.

School Rules and Requirements

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. An 80% attendance of scheduled classes is required for passing and certification.

Students are allowed to take a makeup examination on any quiz, test or exam where a failing grade was received within 14 days of the original testing date. The results of this examination will be averaged with the original grade. Students missing a quiz or test because of absence will be given their test at the end of the next scheduled class period. Students missing classes or failing tests are expected to stay 30 minutes after their next class period for an instructor conference. The student is held responsible for understanding of material covered in each class regardless of absences.

Students may be placed on probation because of poor attendance or progress. The student will be advised as to the probation and its terms by the instructor or a school official. Students are generally placed on progress probation if two weeks of grades are averaging below passing level and the student has not scheduled/completed makeup assignments. Progress probation terms require:
1.   Make-up of failed test/assignments within 14 days.
     2.   Immediate improvement of grades.
     3.   Attainment of passing grade average within evaluation period (6-7 weeks from probation date).

Failure to meet the terms of progress probation will result in an academic suspension. Students will have a “suspended” status and may be required to re-enter the course/program for certification. Suspended students (progress or attendance) may continue to attend classes on a “monitor only” status if, in the opinion of the instructor and school administration, it will not interfere with the progress of other students.

Terms of the probation are no additional absences for one to two next class evaluation periods. Students attending two or more courses at one time and doing poorly on one (attendance or progress) may be required to take a leave of absence from one course for up to class evaluation periods or until doing well at the remaining course(s). In this case, re-entrance into the terminated course will be at no charge.

If, due to unexpected circumstances beyond the student’s control, a leave of absence is required to complete training, a written request must be mailed registered mail or hand delivered to M. R. A. I. T. outlining the reasons for the request, including proof of circumstances, and the date that training can be re-started. For sufficient cause the committee will usually grant a leave (for up to 6 months) one time with no financial penalty. The student must request this prior to the start date of the leave.

School Mandated Suspension

When the school originates the disciplinary action of suspension (as for poor progress and/ or attendance) the students enrollment remains “active” meaning that the student may con­tinue attending the course on a “monitoring only” status providing this can be done without interfering with other students’ progress.

The educational committee will regularly review such suspensions and may change the sus­pension to a dismissal if, in the opinion of the committee, training cannot be reasonably completed. To keep the enrollment active, or to maintain the right to monitor the course, the student must maintain the financial arrangements made with the school for tuition pay­ments.

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